Michelle Thorne Takes a Ride in VRP Films' 'The Chauffeur'

CYBERSPACE — VRP Films has announced the release of “The Chauffeur.”

The half-hour-long title stars Michelle Thorne and is a POV scene, a rep said, about “a rich man [who has] just recently employed a hot chauffeur (Thorne). The wife isn’t overly happy about it."

“Michelle picks you up from your house and has specific instructions just to take you to the office. You make small talk on your journey but she seems very flirty," the rep said. "Michelle pulls the car over, gets out and leans in to grab you by the tie. She pulls you out of the car and before you know it your pants are around your ankles.

“No one can see you down this industrial estate and its unlikely the wife will ever find out so what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her right? So you just let her do what she wants. Can you handle seeing more of Michelle and what happens in the end?”

The title is filmed in 180-degree 4K HD and has 3D binaural sound.