iWantEmpire's Allie Eve Knox Featured on 'TrickyKid Podcast'

iWantEmpire's Allie Eve Knox Featured on 'TrickyKid Podcast'

LOS ANGELES — iWantEmpire performer Allie Eve Knox is featured on the TrickyKid Podcast this week discussing her life, work and more.

“Allie shares her experience and distinctive take on the adult industry in this very captivating interview,” said Jay Phillips, co-founder and president of iWantEmpire. “Fans of Allie and our other artists will get a great sense of Allie’s journey from an accomplished college student with multiple degrees into a creative artist and entrepreneur at the top of her game. It is truly an honor to be able to provide marketing and PR services to our artists.”

Knox spoke with host Roy Turner and shared details about her early days as a struggling college graduate who stumbled upon webcamming. “I had two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s Degree and I would go to work and by the end of the week I had ten dollars left. I had a lot of student loans and ten dollars left of my paycheck and had four hours of traffic everyday and I was miserable. So I started camming at night and in the first day I made 600 bucks. Six hundred in a few hours and wow, I thought it was cool!

“I didn’t want to be a porn star. I wanted to be in the adult business. I wanted to cam, I wanted to film stuff, I wanted to make my own stuff, I wanted to sell my own stuff and I wanted to meet fans,” Knox told Turner. “I didn’t want to just shoot porn. I want to do it all. I’m very business focused.”

Thanks to her supportive parents, Knox said, she never had body image issues or hangups about showing her body. “My parents were a bunch of hippies and they thought everything was great and life was beautiful and sex was great. It shaped my life. They’re happy I paid off my student loans. Now I don’t have to sit in traffic. I can stay in my room and make a lot of money.” 

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