Darcie Dolce Profiled by Maxim

Darcie Dolce Profiled by Maxim

CYBERSPACE — XBIZ's 2018 Girl/Girl Performer of the Year Darcie Dolce has been profiled by Maxim.

In “What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Darcie Dolce,” the adult performer-cum-DJ talked to Maxim staff about her love life and how to approach her. 

When asked how she would let a person know she’s interested in them, Dolce answered that “every person and situation is different.” But for her, “a sexy face, great style and a sense of humor” are crucial.  As for what turns her on most about a woman? “Her lips, body and touch.”

“People are so ridiculous sometimes,” she said. “Someone who I don’t know sent me a DM and said, ‘Do you want to come to my house for sex?’” The DM slide has never worked on Dolce, she admits. “Anyone can DM… they were successful if they wanted a response and got one. But… I have never hooked up with anyone from them contacting me in my DM.”

But if it did work, Dolce said, her ideal date would be “drinks followed by a great dinner and some music.” And afterwards, she said, her favorite things to do in the bedroom are “kissing, cumming and cuddling.” 

In the interview Dolce also discusses feeling sexy, taking a good selfie, bedroom no-nos, sex fantasies and how much she loves cake.