Utah State Bar Emails Naked Boobs Pic to All 11,000 Members

Utah State Bar Emails Naked Boobs Pic to All 11,000 Members
Rhett Pardon

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah State Bar is continuing its probe after a photo of a topless woman was sent to each one of the state’s lawyers in an email intended to advertise its spring convention.

The error is particularly embarrassing for the State Bar because of Utah’s 2016 declaration that porn was a “public health crisis” and then the state’s decision in 2017, which made Utah the first state in the union to allow civil lawsuits against distributors of adult content for mental and physical damages incurred by minors accessing such material.

It was about 3:10 p.m. on Monday when the emails went out to every active attorney in Utah — all 11,000 of them — before officials were alerted about the mistake.  

The first image advertised the State Bar’s convention. Beneath it was a photo of the topless woman.

A State Bar official quickly issued an apology on social media that same evening. The group is reportedly looking into whether the organization was hacked before the letter was sent.  

Many on Twitter said the erotic posting might mean there’ll be a rise in attendance at the next convention. And some thought that the State Bar’s magazine should adopt such naked fare in future issues.