's Angie Rowntree to Speak at SXSW's Angie Rowntree to Speak at SXSW
Charlie Thompson

AUSTIN, Texas —’s Angie Rowntree will be at SXSW this weekend to speak on the panel, “Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element.”

In addition to discussing artistic and technical choices related to using explicit sex in filmmaking, Rowntree will also discuss the various social and cultural issues impacting adult content production. These include safety standards, workplace ethics, representation and common misconceptions about porn.

“I appreciate the opportunity to speak about the differences between mainstream and adult films and the unique challenges that come with shooting porn,” the director said.

“Really engaging why explicit sex is important to our narrative as human beings and talking about some of the misconceptions people outside the adult industry have about shooting adult content and how work like mine is challenging some of those off-mark ideas is important. I’m excited to take part,” Rowntree added. 

The event will be held on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. (CST).

Later that evening, Rowntree’s work will be part of a small private screening at the Austin Dungeon. Tickets for this separate event can be purchased here.

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