Successfully Crowdfunded Sex Toy Works Over Clothing

SAN FRANCISCO — Dr. Steve McGough has announced the development of the successfully crowdfunded sex toy hi.

A rep said that it uses “a new sexual health technology that gives women orgasms through their clothing. It is causing quite a reaction, and since it can be used over clothing it brings up many social issues.

“For instance, why would it be considered healthy for a woman to use a massage device on her shoulders or legs, but taboo on her pelvic area?” the rep continued. “How does this change if it was for health-related purposes where it would be okay if it was for certain conditions but not her own pleasure? People that watch demonstrations tend to fiercely support or disagree with it because it illustrates the layers of double standards women face.”

Live public demonstrations are scheduled for the near future. Contact Dr. McGough for more information at (910) 216-2293.