Logan Moore, Gabriel Phoenix in Eurocreme's 'Is That You Daddy?'

CYBERSPACE — EurocremeGroup has released a new feature, “Is That You Daddy?”

The title stars Koby Lewis, Logan Moore, Korar Darver, Nathan Raider, Alex Roman, Dave London, Dmitry Osten and Gabriel Phoenix. 

“The young boys might not know who is fucking them,” a rep said, “but they are having the best time of their lives as they feel the warmth of daddy’s hands caress their smooth skin. The world of anonymous sex is gaining more and more interest.

“Gorgeous men like international star Logan Moore and Gabriel Phoenix are given a boytoy to play around with, tease and excite before they are given full release to pound the already sub-boys into a true submission.” 

“Is That You Daddy?” is available on DVD, HD and SD downloads from EurocremeStore.com. For more information, contact Steven.