NakedSword Releases 'Sophomore' Title in 'Berkeley' Series

NakedSword Releases 'Sophomore' Title in 'Berkeley' Series

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals today released "Berkeley: Sophomore Year," the follow-up to its "Berkeley" series that debuted in 2016.

Shot on location in Berkeley by mr. Pam, the new title, “Berkeley: Sophomore Year,” is a “love letter to the progressive and vibrant town nestled in the hills of Northern California," a publicist said.

“In ‘Berkeley: Sophomore Year’ we see the campus is plagued by protests and unrest that reflect the challenging social climate of today’s politics. The feature centers on political dissent and addresses the free speech marches and ANTIFA protesters.” 

The cast of “Berkeley: Sophomore Year” includes Wesley Woods, Timothy Drake, David Emblem, Leo Forte and Timarrie Baker. ANTIFA protestors Justin Brody and Teddy Bryce round out the cast along with professor Dallas Steele.

The first episode, “Alumni Review,” is now playing only on NakedSword. The scene stars Drake and Woods.

NakedSword Director mr. Pam said, "This movie was fun and special to make, in part due to the fact that our offices are in Berkeley which was ground zero for the free speech movement and protests over the last year. We literally had windows broken right in front of our office."

NakedSword CEO "Tim Valenti and I felt we should address it in the follow-up to ‘Berkeley’ and make a movie that was both sexy and current. I feel we definitely did that and then some. The debut scene with Wesley Woods and Timothy Drake is the perfect scene to start the movie and they look stunning together."