Babes Logo 1st Change Under New Creative Direction

Babes Logo 1st Change Under New Creative Direction

BURBANK, Calif. — today debuted a new logo, signaling a new direction in the adult brand’s identity.

The Babes site — with its sensual, erotic and artful content — was launched in June 2012 to serve as an anchor for a new “glamcore” brand. Now, six years later and with more than 1,200 videos and photo sets in its catalog, fans can expect some changes to Babes.

The new logo is the first move in the brand’s plan for "a big 2018," according to Trendzz, which first reported the news.

The new Babes logo can be seen on the site as well as its social media platforms, starting today.

Babes also has released safe-for-work and not-safe-for-work trailers to tease members, followers and fans on what they can expect to see in the coming months.

The trailers don’t just serve as a taste of things to come, they also highlight what it means to be a “babe” under the brand’s new creative direction, said Mario Nardstein, Babes’ senior product director.

“'Babes' are passionate and erotic dream girls. Whether the fantasy is having them in your bed, or being one yourself, babes are the epitome of sexual freedom and expression. A little dirty, a little naughty, a little impulsive — there’s a 'babe' for every desire,” Nardstein said.

Nardstein went on to say, “Babes will continue creating content that is highly stylized and seductive, but moving forward we’re focused on an ‘it could happen’ quality in our scenes."

"With more realistic fantasies and storylines, our scenes will feel like you’re actually getting a chance to experience your dream girl’s sex life right along with her," Nardstein said. "As the drama unfolds, the cameras fall away and viewers get to feel like they simply had the good fortune of coming across a private, intimate moment, which they’re invited to stay and watch.”

On top of making videos that are reality-based, Nardstein said, Babes is making chemistry between performers a top priority.

He said the combination of chemistry and realism in a dynamic, warm and vibrant aesthetic has the Babes team very excited for fans to see what’s coming.

With the new logo, new teaser trailers and a new creative direction, today marks the beginning of a new era for Babes.

Scenes created under the new direction are already available on the site with many more updates on the way.

Check out the new Babes in a safe-for-work trailer here.