Eropartner Shipping New Products

Eropartner Shipping New Products
Charlie Thompson

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands — Eropartner Distribution is now shipping a host of new products: the Nexus Douche Pro, MoreAmore condoms and lube and the Bfilled Deluxe Prostate Massager.

The Nexus Douche Pro, a rep said, “has a large 330ml bulb and curved nozzle that fits comfortably within the body and targets the prostate for stimulation as you douche. The bulb is made from high-quality rubber and the nozzle from super smooth plastic. It’s easy to use, and only one application is needed for a thorough clean.”

MoreAmore condoms come in five different versions: soft, thin, fun, basic and tasty skins. “They are made from high-quality latex and all have extra lubricant for more comfort and to prevent damaging the condom during sex,” the rep continued.

“Fun skin condoms have a unique design with dots and ribs for extra pleasure and fun. Soft skin condoms are wider at the opening and the top for more comfort and pleasure and are smaller in the middle, which prevents slipping. The tasty skin condoms smell and taste delicious; they come in three different tastes: strawberry, banana and piña colada. The thin skin condoms are made of super thin latex.”

The Bfilled Deluxe Prostate Massager is, the publicist said, “made with body-safe materials. Its luscious silicone glides to all the right places. This rabbit-style design is perfectly matched with a curved shaft and flared foundation, making it a unisex thrill for one or two players. Its battery-powered dual motor has six deep vibration settings and will send you off to the races with the push of a button.”

All of these products are available from Eropartner Distribution’s website.