Chanel Santini Is 'Tomb Rider' in New TransAngels Parody

Chanel Santini Is 'Tomb Rider' in New TransAngels Parody

BURBANK, Calif. — TS adult entertainment brand TransAngels has unveiled its second porn parody, “Tomb Rider: a XXX Trans Parody.”

The feature takes a look at the secret side of the treasure-hunting globetrotter. It stars XBIZ Trans Performer of the Year Chanel Santini.

A rep said, “While searching for a legendary jewel of mystical, seductive power, tomb-raiding heroine Chanel Santini must use her wits and her assets to avoid deadly traps, decipher ancient text and make sure her hunky, bumbling sidekick, Damien Stone, doesn’t screw up the mission.” 

TransAngels Product Director Danny Angel said, “The story behind one of the world’s most notorious fictional treasure hunters is one that we were very excited about exploring. Chanel’s embodiment of the role was one of our favorite parts as this production came to life — she played her part beautifully. The tension of each adventure must ultimately, be relieved, and whether that’s found in a magical jewel or mystical shaft, we ensure our protagonist glistens.” 

Chanel Santini expressed her excitement, “Getting from hair and makeup [to] putting your costume on for the first time, you feel so empowered. I’m so excited for this film and to play another badass female character. Working on the first [parody] was so much fun, but this one is going to be bigger and better than the one before.” 

“Tomb Rider: a XXX Trans Parody” comes out next Monday, March 12, on Watch the safe-for-work trailer here and a SFW BTS peek here.