Hot House Releases 'Spot Me'

SAN FRACISCO — Hot House announced today the release of “Spot Me” on DVD and for download. 

“Whether you're pumping in the gym or sucking cock outside,” a rep said, “you always need a spotter. When the eight studs of 'Spot Me' get down and dirty, they all look out for each other no matter where they are.”

“Spot Me” stars Ryan Rose, Jimmy Durano, Dante Colle, Micah Brandt, Arad Winwin, Rex Regan, Josh Conners and Pierce Paris.

Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti said, “This film is about having a spotter and a buddy system for public sex. Whether you need a spotter lifting weights or a spotter while fucking in the park, it's always good to have a buddy watching your back."

"The scenes from 'Spot Me' call up certain fantasies that I think most men have entertained, if not acted upon," Valenti said. "The idea of gym sex combined with public spaces with fit, hung studs engaged in physical activity is always a winner in my book.”

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