CAM4 Now Offers Payouts in Euros

CAM4 Now Offers Payouts in Euros

LOS ANGELES — CAM4 announced today that performers now have the option to request earnings payouts in euros through FirstChoice Pay (formerly Payoneer).

Broadcasters who wish to use the FirstChoice Pay MasterCard or bank transfer payment method can now choose between U.S. dollars and euros when they create a CAM4 account.

When a performer with a Euros FirstChoice Pay account requests a payment, they choose an amount in U.S. dollars (CAM4bucks is always in U.S. dollars). 

At the time of payment, FirstChoice Pay exchanges this amount into euros and transfers it to the performers euro FirstChoice Pay MasterCard or bank account. The exchange rate from U.S. dollars to euros is calculated automatically at time of payment.

CAM4’s Nolan D said the change “adds tremendous value for performers in countries that use euros, as they will not be subjected to possible foreign transaction fees when using their prepaid MasterCards.” 

“CAM4 was one of the first companies to offer daily payouts to all members across the world, and we continue to push for more innovative ways to help our performers keep control of their finances,” he said. 

Performers can request a pay out at any time in their CAM4Bucks account and receive the payment the same day and now with payouts in U.S. dollars or euros.

Broadcasters interested in becoming a part of the CAM4 community can sign up here.