pjur Reports Succesful Valentine's Day Campaign

pjur Reports Succesful Valentine's Day Campaign

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — pjur has announced its “pjur — gives you more love” Valentine’s Day campaign was a success.

“Consistent with the motto of this year’s annual campaign and the new slogan, the pjur group sent Valentine’s Day greetings to many editors and bloggers in Germany and abroad,” a spokesperson said. “The ‘love notes’ came in the form of a hat box with long-lasting roses in the company’s signature yellow colour that recipients will be able to enjoy for over a year. “

pjur's PR department received a lot of replies from recipients, including, "Wow, we’ve never seen anything like this!" and "Incredibly beautiful flowers! Now I don't mind so much that my husband hasn't got me anything again this year :D.”

Many editors and bloggers also expressed their gratitude on social media, the company said.

"This makes Valentine's Day special for singles too," one of the posts on Instagram read.

"We are delighted about the great feedback to our campaign and are already planning the next highlight," said Elisabeth Dahmen, global PR and communications manager at pjur. "After all, pjur just wants to keep on giving more this year."