Colleen Godin Expands Consulting Biz With New Site

Colleen Godin Expands Consulting Biz With New Site
Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Industry vet Colleen Godin is expanding her pleasure industry consulting business with the launch of her new website,

“After two years of gradually building up my reputation as a miscellaneous freelancer, I decided it was time to take the next step and create a more concrete foundation that shows potential clients exactly what I can do for their business,” says Godin, who is rebranding her one-woman show as The Pleasure Connection.

“I’ve always presented myself as a reliable, knowledgeable pleasure professional with a true passion for sexual wellness. With an official website and focused re-brand, I can further my reach and simplify the collaboration process for busy clients.”

Godin’s resume runs the gamut of the pleasure business from ground-level sales to the B2B market. She got her start 10 years ago working the sales floor of a popular brick-and-mortar boutique. Later, Godin extensively traveled to provide educational training sessions for major manufacturers. Most recently, Godin has added journalism to her repertoire, covering the latest trends in sex toys and sexual wellness for international trade publications and sex-positive media sources, including XBIZ Premiere and Sexual Health magazine.

“Consulting allows me to custom-fit my most valuable skills to a company’s specific needs,” Godin says. “After working traditional salaried positions in the industry for a few years and then transitioning to freelance, I've been able to take a step back and see which specific skills I can bring to a business that offer the most value.”

Godin recently joined the Women of Sex Tech, a collective of female pleasure industry professionals dedicated to the continuous evolution of the industry as a positive, inclusive space for all.

“Through the popularity of sex education and the sex-positive movement, consumers have demanded more for their sexual health and happiness,” Godin says. “I think we're only going to go onward and upward from here, and I look forward to working with other pleasure pioneers to make their brands a staple in the growing sexual wellness sector.”

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