Gia Paige Stars in 'The Jealous Brother' From PureTaboo

Gia Paige Stars in 'The Jealous Brother' From PureTaboo

MONTREAL — Pure Taboo has released “The Jealous Brother,” a new scene that is based on the tragic tale of star-crossed high school sweethearts against a backdrop of prejudice and possessiveness.

Pure Taboo is offering “The Jealous Brother” starting today at

In the movie, Gia Paige must keep her interracial romance with Ricky Johnson a secret, since her strict and ultra-conservative parents would not approve. But when their love is revealed, the jealous behavior of Gia’s stepbrother (Michael Vegas) crosses the line from protective to obsessive.

 “What were you doing with that boy in your room that I told you to stay away from? You let him inside you!” Michael screams before he orders his stepsister to “get down on your knees, because you’re going to do everything you did to him … to me….”

The family roleplay drama concludes with Paige on the receiving end of Vegas and Johnson’s double creampie.

Bree Mills, Gamma Films Group’s head of production Bree Mills, who co-directed the drama with Craven Moorehead, called shooting the scene “a tense atmosphere … from beginning to end.”

“Gia’s stress and fear, Ricky’s confusion and Michael’s rage — amazing acting, amazing sex, amazing scene,” Mills said. “This is one of my favorites I’ve shot, and we are all seriously proud of how ‘The Jealous Brother’ turned out.”

The trailer and full scene are available here.