Stephanie Berman Joins Women of Sex Tech

Stephanie Berman Joins Women of Sex Tech
Melissa Santana

BOSTON — Berman Innovations CEO Stephanie Berman has joined Women of Sex Tech, a New York-based organization comprising sex-positive women changing the sex tech industry.

"What an incredible honor to be welcomed and included in this powerhouse group of innovators," Berman said. "It's empowering to see so many women taking the reigns and following their passions … many based upon their personal desire and necessity of what they want to use in their own bedrooms. In what used to be a heavily male dominated industry, it's refreshing to see women finally shining in the spotlight. 'Women of Sex Tech' is no exception, and truly showcases how the 'future is female!'"

Berman is the co-owner and vice president of her family business, Sepal Reproductive International, as well as founder and president of Berman Innovations. The company’s flagship product, The Semenette, and its second iteration, POPDildo, allow partners to mimic traditional intercourse and re-create the ejaculation process in the privacy of their own home through its proprietary inner tubing and pump system.

Women of Sex Tech is a community of women from the fields of arts and entertainment, education and business and tech. The group includes creators, artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, educators, innovators and engineers, all with a “collective mission to change the way the world views human sexuality and foster women's entrepreneurship.” 

As The New York Times recently reported, "[Women of Sex Tech] is a tech-savvy and female-led women's sexuality movement that has made its home in New York instead of, say, Silicon Valley. Women, many of them under 40, are updating sex toys and related products with their own needs in mind, leading the companies that sell them…the group has since expanded to include more than 70 people, including members in California, Spain and China."

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