Erotic Heritage Museum Offers to Buy Stormy Daniels' Trump Dress for $100K

Erotic Heritage Museum Offers to Buy Stormy Daniels' Trump Dress for $100K

LAS VEGAS — Stormy Daniels' Trump dress might make its way to the Erotic Heritage Museum as part of a permanent exhibit.

The Las Vegas museum has made a $100,000 offer to obtain a sparkly gold dress she allegedly wore on the night of a 2006 encounter with President Trump

Daniels is purportedly preparing for forensic DNA tests to be conducted on the dress to prove legitimacy of her affair with the 45th president.

The museum will only make its payout to Daniels if forensic tests prove Trump's DNA is indeed on the dress in question, said Dr. Victoria Hartmann, the director of the Erotic Heritage Museum who is in pursuit of the dress.

Hartmann said she will pay either Stormy Daniels directly, or make a donation to the charity of her choice, once the validity has been verified.

Offers for political-scandal-related items by the museum has, in the past, included an offer to Monica Lewinsky for her infamous blue dress, as well as offering the ex-Clinton aide an opportunity to speak at the museum as a stop on her anti-bullying campaign.

Hartmann said the museum never received a response from Lewinsky, but she is hopeful Daniels will take her current offer.

"Our acquisition of this artifact will stand as another testament to a long history of our elected officials invading our private lives with conservative values, and yet not practicing what they preach," Hartmann said.

The Erotic Heritage Museum houses more than 24,000 square feet of permanent and featured exhibits.

The museum’s ethos is that sexual pleasure and its depiction are natural aspects of the human experience, and that such celebrations of individual human sexuality — that of pleasure — must be made available to all, regardless of gender, race or belief.

The Erotic Heritage Museum is located at 3275 Sammy Davis Jr. Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89109. For more information, visit or call (702) 794-4000.