Inna Innaki Busts Her 'Slutty Housekeeper' in New Scene

VENICE, Calif. — Anastasia Vega co-stars as a housekeeper who can’t keep from being dirty in “Slutty Housekeeper Gets Busted.” Vega ends up spending more time trying on boss Inna Innaki’s sexy clothes and masturbating with Innaki’s U-shaped dildo than she does dusting or vacuuming.

Once Vega gets busted she has to do some fast talking—and licking—to get out of it.

“I can get over a lady trying on my lingerie, I suppose, but my dildo is my dildo!” Innaki said. “I know it all ended well, but I really don’t like girls who are practically strangers getting so comfortable with my things. Believe me, I have kept a very close eye on her since then – very close!”

Check out the scene at SugarBabes.

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