Sensuous' Libido-Charging Raging Bull Enhancer Now Shipping

Sensuous' Libido-Charging Raging Bull Enhancer Now Shipping

SYDNEY — Sensuous, the makers of the Edge delay product, has introduced Raging Bull — a male genital moisturizer that has been uniquely formulated with a combination of herbs known for sexual benefits, including improvements in penile strength and size, greater blood flow, increased libido and desire and stronger erections.

“We are super excited with this new product,” said Keith Jones, CEO and joint founder of the company. “It has been in development for well over a year and we just wanted to make sure we were 100 percent happy with everything before we launched it onto the great Australian public.  Even the name took a while and we were so thrilled to get the trademark registered.

“Edge has been a phenomenal and outstanding success for us and we wanted to create another great Australian herbal product for men and we really believe we have achieved that with Raging Bull.”

Raging Bull is a male genital moisturizer. The company claims that the user should feel increased blood flow right away and the benefits will continue to improve with use, with optimal results being noticed in about seven to 10 days.

The product is shipping now and can be bought individually or in a 16-pack point-of-sale display unit.

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