'SDR Show' Welcoming 'Broken Bananah' Author Tonight

NEW YORK — “The SDR Show,” a comedy podcast hosted by radio personality Ralph Sutton and comedian Big Jay Oakerson, will be welcoming Ross Asdourian, author of “Broken Bananah: Comedy, Life, and Sex ... Without a Penis” tonight.

According to a rep, Asdourian is a documentary filmmaker, a former producer for Red Bull and creative director of branded content at NBC News, who four years ago suffered an unfortunate incident during a night of casual sex. He tore two muscles in his penis and severed his urethra.

Ross, who the rep said has a sharp sense of humor, decided to share his comically unfortunate story in what has become his debut novel, “Broken Bananah.”

“Get ready to wince in pain as Ross Asdourian, author of 'Broken Bananah,' tells his story about literally breaking his penis,” Sutton said. “We are probably going to make him show us his damaged dong, but only so we can make sure this never happens to any man ever again.” 

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