Rock Candy Toys 'Crushes' Debut at XBIZ Retreat

Rock Candy Toys 'Crushes' Debut at XBIZ Retreat

LOS ANGELES — Rock Candy Toys LLC reported a successful debut at this month’s XBIZ Retreat.

Rock Candy Toys premiered at the exclusive XBIZ Retreat, held Jan. 15-19 at West Hollywood’s Andaz hotel, where the company transformed its luxury suite into a decked out candy shop. Rock Candy Toys served up a unique novelty experience that retailers could incorporate into their store with Rock Candy’s merchandising options, including unique candy tube dispenser displays and signage.

“No matter at what age, candy is always exciting,” Rock Candy Toys’ President Keith Caggiano said. “In just about any retail setting, candy is always placed by the cash register because it’s something that people can’t resist. With Rock Candy Toys’ eye-catching displays, irresistible designs and quality, and sweet affordability, Rock Candy offers the ultimate impulse items that retailers will profit from effortlessly.”

Featuring fun, vibrant packaging, Rock Candy Toys come to retailers in boxes that easily convert into displays and tube dispensers.

The “tasty” new designs from Rock Candy Toys include Candy Sticks, Lala Pops, Swirls, Suga Sticks, Gummy Bear Vibes, Rock IT Rings, Rock Candy Bullets, Suga Daddy’s and finger-fitting Gummy Balls, among others.

Each item in the Rock Candy Toys collection features a unique “sweet spot” with original and ergonomic shapes designed with pleasure in mind.

The Rock Candy selection comes in candy-themed colors such as Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Cinnamon, Blueberry and Grape Jelly Bean.

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