PornHub Launches Campaign Championing Benefits of Period Orgasms

PornHub Launches Campaign Championing Benefits of Period Orgasms

NEW YORK — PornHub today announced the launch of “F*ck Your Period,” a new campaign to offer menstruating women free premium porn.

When women sign up they gain access to PornHub Premium for the duration of their period. The new educational campaign champions various benefits of orgasming during the menstrual cycle.

“This is our first campaign targeted solely to women and it takes on a topic that we think a lot of brands tiptoe around,” PornHub brand manager Alexandra Klein said. “But it’s a topic that women themselves are completely comfortable discussing and even joking about. PornHub is all about breaking taboos and starting conversations, and we think this one was way overdue.” 

With the campaign’s landing page,, female users are prompted to answer simple questions pertaining to their menstrual cycle in order to calculate the arrival and duration of their next period.

When that day arrives, they will receive an email from PornHub inviting them to enjoy full access to PornHub Premium for the remainder of their period. This cycle will repeat for the user over the subsequent three months.

To accompany the campaign, PornHub has released a promotional video, available at

The “F*ck Your Period” video details the pains of periods while also highlighting the benefits of having an orgasm during menstruation, which, among other things, can help reduce the overall length of someone’s cycle.

PornHub has more 75 million visitors a day, with more than 10 million members.