Studio 20's Ethan Joy Named 2018 XBIZ Male Cam Model of the Year

LOS ANGELES — Studio 20’s Ethan Joy received the 2018 XBIZ Male Cam Model of the Year Award.

According to the studio, the golden statue goes straight to Studio 20 Men in Bucharest, Romania. The win marks the first-ever award won for Studio 20's all-male studio.

“I wanted this XBIZ Award so bad and so I focused all my energy on it,” Joy said. “I know it might seem silly, but for a performer … it is really important to have the fans appreciation and support. This award shows me that my members and fans love me. I usually smile a lot on cam but when I heard I won I think my face just froze like that, I bought my team cookies and cake to make them fat and keep my body the same so I win more awards!”

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