VRPorn.com Interviews Sofie Marie

VENICE, Calif. — VRPorn.com has announced its newest interview, featuring one of the industry’s hottest up-and-comers, Sofie Marie.

According to the company, Sofie Marie kicked off her career last year with MILFVR’s “Big Dick, Little Time” in late summer of 2017, proving this newbie is up to the task of shooting VR, which is a lot more difficult than traditional porn.

“For the girl, shooting VR is a lot of work, so you’d better be in good shape!” Marie says. “The guy gets to lay there and he lets the girl ride, suck and fuck him!”

Marie notes how sweaty she got during her VR scene, saying it was “from exertion as well as pleasure.”

“I love working with Brad Knight and his dick,” Marie adds. “I really want the viewer to think that we are having sex, so I try to play my character to the camera vs. traditional porn where we are being watched by the camera.”

Marie says she watched her VR debut and found it an odd experience, but she learned a lot working on the VR set, gaining knowledge she will apply to her next VR scene, which may fulfill her fantasy of taking on four guys at the same time.

“So far, I have had all great experiences with all of the male talent, but I would ask Brad Knight, Chad White, Sean Michaels and James Deen,” Marie concludes. “I am leaving out some great guys and cocks, but only because my limit for the scene is four!”

Fans can follow Sofie Marie on Twitter @WickedYummy1.