SegPay Launches New Visual Brand Identity

SegPay Launches New Visual Brand Identity

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — SegPay announced today the launch of its new visual brand identity. 

SegPay CEO Cathy Beardsley said the processor's updated look and feel with its new logo and tagline — "All the Way to Paid" — was developed to help accelerate the company’s growth and expansion in the global online payment category. 

SegPay’s new logo incorporates a sophisticated, elegant font style and eye-catching icon, intended to convey guidance and growth, Beardsley said.

The refreshed SegPay color palette now features a deeper, vibrant indigo blue and bright orange as key elements. Teal blue, violet purple and silver serve as secondary colors in the branding. 

“We’re no longer the little girl in the corner at the big dance,” Beardsley said. “We want to be the ‘Belle of the Ball.’  Our new brand identity was developed to reflect our maturity and leadership position in our industry.” 

On the cutting-edge of fraud detection and mitigation, SegPay provides safe, secure ecommerce solutions for merchants around the world, Beardsley said, noting that the processor "has an unwavering commitment to integrity, honesty and exceptional customer service and that it tailors its offerings to each individual merchant it serves."

SegPay’s new visual branding was developed by its long-term marketing partner, Atlanta-based Creaxion.

“We wanted to create a look and feel that takes SegPay to new heights — above its competitors and alongside some of the most respected brands in financial services,” Creaxion CEO Mark Pettit said. “The end result is a world-class visual identity that will stand the test of time.”