TrafficStars Debuts Native Ad Format

TrafficStars Debuts Native Ad Format

LIMASSOL, Cyprus — TrafficStars today announced the debut of its native ad format for advertisers and publishers.

TrafficStars’ native ad format is a fully-responsive ad format, available through cost-per-click and cost-per-thousand viewable impressions  pricing models.

Native ads are defined as ads delivered with a consistent form, style and voice of the platform they appear on.  

Composed of an image, short description and brand name, it is intended to blend seamlessly into the publisher website’s content, as TrafficStars’ proprietary technology uses the website’s CSS to configure ads and prohibits any misleading or deceptive images, the company said.

The technology also features an advanced algorithm which rotates campaigns within each widget according to their performances to continuously improve publisher revenues.

TrafficStars said the format, which was beta-tested during December with partner website and other selected publishers, has shown very promising results for both publishers and advertisers.

The initial tests saw an eCPM increase of up to 50 percent during the period and advertisers were able to reach up to 10 times higher click-through rates   in comparison with regular banner ad campaigns.

For advertisers, the format also represents increased possibilities of optimization, with three different elements to test and combine, and overall more qualified leads. Since native ads are more engaging and prohibit deceptive elements, users are more likely to click out of real interest in the ad.

TrafficStars CEO Geoffrey Bonnechère said he is confident of the rise of the ad format in the adult industry.

“Websites are becoming increasingly concerned with providing a better, uninterrupted experience to their users," he said. "Native ads are one of the new ways we are supporting publishers while remaining compliant with the new advertising rules enforced by Google. That’s why we developed a technology capable of drawing from a website’s code to serve completely, seamlessly integrated ads and an actually native experience.

“In this conjuncture where global trends indicate an increase in digital advertising regulations and cross-device advertising becoming more important than ever, the introduction of native ads is a game-changing move to both advertisers and publishers," he said. "After a beta-testing period of this feature with our main partner, xHamster, and selected advertisers, we’re thrilled to make it openly available to all clients. But we’re not stopping here; we’re already working on more alternatives and ad formats which we’ll bring to you soon."

For more details about native ads with TrafficStars, publishers and advertisers can contact assigned account managers or email