Dallas Novelty Profiled in Men's Health Magazine

Dallas Novelty Profiled in Men's Health Magazine

DALLAS — Dallas Novelty, the online adult toy retail store with the motto “Sex is For Everybody,” has been profiled in Men’s Health, in an article called, “Meet the Paralyzed Man Making Sex Toys for People With Disabilities.”

"I've been in the sex toy business for 14 years," said Nick Mahler who has Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva or FOP. “I've seen lots of stuff come and go. Adapting to the disabled market came along in the last two years because that market is growing, and people are looking for toys that they can use to their advantage."

Mahler went on to list products that are disabled-persons friendly such as the Fleshlight, Hot Octopuss Pulse III and Womanizer, as well as using BDSM products that have harnesses and straps that assist those with limited mobility.

“We suggest our disabled customers use already existing toys in a different way,” says Mahler. “Disabled sex toys are the same sex toys we sell for to able bodied customers. What makes them for disabled customers is knowing how to use them in a different way than an able-bodied customer would or even think about.

“We at Dallas Novelty are thrilled with the Men’s Health profile and hope this inspires happy and healthy sex lives for disabled people and their lovers all over the world,” says Nick Mahler.

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