Jamie Foster Debuts 'Cougartown 818' Reality Show on PornHub

CYBERSPACE — Jamie Foster has announced the release of “Cougartown 818” on PornHub, a “quirky comedic look at her life in the San Fernando Valley, doing porn and pushing 50.”

“Cougartown 818” is shot reality TV style, and shows Foster's past as a spanking fetish model, her transition into hardcore and her online show “Hello Cougar,” which ran from 2016 on Dromebox.com. 

According a rep, Foster wanted to take “Hello Cougar” to another level and that's what prompted “Cougartown 818.” 

"We're auditioning dudes who want to get into porn, interviewing them on camera and then we film the sex,” Foster said. “It's condom porn, they are paid, open casting for guys 21 to 35. I'm a lifestyle cougar. 

"I have had mainly good experiences being in adult so the show has a positive message but believe me, I don't take myself too seriously,” she added. "Parking and porn ... it doesn't get better than that. People say the show is turning them on and cracking them up all at once and that's all I need to hear.”

Foster will also be available at XBIZ 2018. To view the show’s trailer, click here.