Studio 20's Romanian Girls Gear Up for 2018 XBIZ Show

CYBERSPACE — Studio 20 has announced its girls are excited and ready to attend the 2018 XBIZ Show in Los Angeles.

In attendance will be Sasha Red, Ava Mystique, Madelene Ray, Reene Fox and Scarlett Zaine.

According to a rep, Red won the 2017 XBIZ Best European Cam Model award. She is a Studio 20 veteran with almost five years behind her belt.

Mystique, who describes herself on Twitter as a “good girl with bad habits” and is affectionately referred to as “Pisique,” reports she is very excited about the trip. She started out in the industry as a Studio 20 trainer. The company reports she is “well deserving of this trip.”

Ray commented, “I can’t wait to go on the Walk of Fame and take pictures with Marylin Monroe, I’m such a big fan of hers.”

Studio 20 describes Fox as sweet, and says “she will for sure make a big impact in L.A. with her sweet style and voice.”

Zaine, Studo 20 describes as “a quality woman who looks as if she’s just stepped out of an old Hollywood movie, guaranteed to turn every head on the Hollywood Boulevard.”

The ladies will be live streaming from the Los Angeles location during the duration of their stay.

“We have everything scheduled for them, even a really nice #girlsfromstudio20 van that the girls will use while on tour through L.A.,” said PR executive, Andra Chirnogeanu. “The #girlsfromstudio20 L.A. are thrilled to meet the girls from Romania! They cannot wait to take them to all of their favorite local hot spots, and show them around this incredible city they call home!”