Maia Toys Taps Williams Trading as East Coast Distro Partner

Maia Toys Taps Williams Trading as East Coast Distro Partner
Melissa Santana

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Maia Toys has appointed New Jersey based distributor Williams Trading Co. as its East Coast wholesale hub.

“There are two primary reasons that we choose Williams,” said Lisa Hanna, Maia's president of sales. “First, they retained our brand through the difficult times and continued to believe in us through the changes being made, proving their dedication and loyalty to their customers. Secondly, their strategic position on the east coast and recognition as one of the premier distributors in the market creates a winning business relationship for everyone involved.”

Williams Trading previously represented Maia Toys on the distribution market. Hanna recently reached out to Williams to further their involvement with Maia's rebranding and new product launches, the company reported.

“We were really impressed with how far Maia Toys' new team has brought the brand in such a short time,” said Scott D, director of sales and marketing. “We look forward to working together more closely to build their retailer presence and giving them a competitive edge in the industry.”

As a special exclusive brick and mortar/ retail launch incentive with Maia Toys, Williams Trading is offering the new Angel product with a special retail tester and custom retail display with purchase of four units.

“The Angel Vibrator is super strong, combined with this lighted retail display this will be a favorite Valentine Day seller,” said Rich Pyne, vice president of sales.

A PDF with the special offer can be viewed here. Williams Trading also carries the complete line of Maia Toys, which have been completely repackaged and updated for adult wholesalers. 

“All of our customers ordering Maia Toys products will only receive the most recent updated packaging to optimize sales,” Scott D. said.

Product is now in stock now for immediate shipment. Williams Trading Co. offers drop shipment services for all e-commerce channels. For product ordering and shipping information, contact a Williams Trading sales representative at (800) 423-8587.