Joanna Angel, Small Hands Throw Whiskey Party in S.D.

SAN DIEGO — Adult stars Joanna Angel and Small Hands are launching their new ultra-premium liquor, Doom's whiskey, tonight in San Diego at the Single Fin Surf and Grill.

There will be free Doom’s whiskey during the viewing of “The Bachelor” starting at 8 p.m. and ending at 10 p.m. There also will be $2 shots and $3 cocktails.  

"When I first met Small Hands, he introduced me into the world of boutique liquors,” Angel said. “His vast knowledge of what made every spirit unique, and how each was created inspired me to extend my empire into the world of whiskey. In addition to getting people off, I can now get people drunk. I can't wait.”

The 100-proof rye blend has been artisanally distilled and bottled in Moore, Okla.

Made in small batches and aged to perfection in American white oak barrels, Doom's flavor profile delivers heavy doses of toffee, caramel, vanilla and spice notes.

The whiskey (750 ml) retails for $46.99. For all retail inquiries in California, email Hari at or call (909) 786-1071.

Single Fin Surf and Grill is located at 3844 Mission Blvd. San Diego, CA 92109.