Greg Lansky Featured in Men's Health

Greg Lansky Featured in Men's Health
Melissa Santana

LOS ANGELES — founder and XBIZ Award-winning director Greg Lansky was recently profiled in a Men’s Health article titled, “The Butt King of Instagram Is a French Porn Director Named Greg Lansky.”

“Adult industry director and entrepreneur Greg Lansky makes porn movies,” wrote Jenni Miller of Men’s Health. “But he isn’t just trying to sell you porn. He’s selling you a lifestyle.”

The article also delves into Lansky’s Instagram approach, which features “lots and lots of butts,” and the story of how he got into adult. 

“The Paris-born director got his shot at the big time when he was trying to promote his first adult feature at a convention in Berlin,” Miller explained. “After meeting an industry insider who offered him a job if he ever ended up in the City of Angels, he picked up and moved to Los Angeles.”

Lansky told Men’s Health, “I pretended that I had a lot more experience than I did. I knew at the time how to sell myself, but I honestly did not have very good skills. I slowly but surely learned. I bullshit myself into the adult industry. I'm not gonna lie. I really tried my best to do the best movie I could. Slowly but surely, I conned my way, I guess, to the top.”

To read the full article, click here. For more information, follow Lansky on Twitter.