7 Veils Adds Claire AH to Roster of Social Media Influencers

7 Veils Adds Claire AH to Roster of Social Media Influencers

LOS ANGELES — Claire AH is the newest addition to the in-house staff of 7 Veils Social Media Management.

Claire AH, of ClaireAH.com, has a proven track record as a social media marketer in the adult space from her time as the Toronto LGBTQ+ matchmaker and matchmaker for Friend of a Friend Matchmaking.

She also is an accomplished public speaker and noteworthy sex educator, and she has extensive experience as freelance author with a focus on sex, love, disability and health.

Her multimedia expertise also includes co-hosting and producing "Sex City Radio" for an FM radio station, podcasting and more.

“Adding Claire to our company is something we have been aiming to do for a while now, having worked with her several times independently,” said Lauren MacEwen, CEO and chief social media strategist at 7Veils.com.

“Her creativity and persistence are precisely what good social require, and she will quickly become the newest voice in our diverse chorus of top tier influencers online,” said MacEwen, who is involved in social media initiatives for XBIZ.com and its related media properties. 

To reach Claire AH, visit 7Veils.com.