TransAngels Sponsoring 2018 TEAs

BURBANK, Calif. — TransAngels has announced its platinum sponsorship of the 2018 TEAs.

TransAngels was introduced in July of this year, and reports it is working hard at producing TS adult entertainment of unparalleled quality. 

According to the studio, TransAngels flourishes by creating original scripted content with professional-grade costuming and applying enhanced special effects to scenes. The brand has been consistently producing high-quality content that TS performers are being recognized for in the mainstream.

TransAngels product director, Danny Angel, explained the decision to sponsor the TEAs at the Platinum Plus level, “I’m very proud to sponsor the TEAs and to help make the recognition of trans performers in the adult industry possible, including the talented group of performers who I’ve been fortunate enough to work with on TransAngels throughout 2017.

“The trans community is extremely skilled and beautiful, and, as with every one of our scenes, we strive to highlight that,” he added. “The TEAs allow us to do exactly that. The TransAngels team couldn't be more grateful and excited to be a part of this awards ceremony that champions the need for prestigious acknowledgement of the trans adult entertainment community — a community which is now being recognized by other mainstream awards!”

Fans will be able to scoop up some free TransAngels swag, merch and autographs during the TEA convention. For more information, visit the event’s official website at