Hudsy Hawn Signs With Ikigai Marketing

LOS ANGELES — Domme Hudsy Hawn has signed with Ikigai Marketing and PR, naming Kristel Penn as her official publicist.

"I am overjoyed to kick off the New Year with Ikigai,” Hawn said. “I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Kristel Penn on outside projects for nearly four years now. Every time we've connected, I've told myself I should snatch Kristel up for my own career. Now that I have, watch out 2018!"

Penn commented, “Simply put, Hudsy is an amazing force of nature. In the four years since meeting, we’ve worked together on a number of projects with great results. She is the top in her field and has lots of exciting things ahead in 2018. We’ve made a great team these past few years and I consider it a great honor to represent her.”

According to a rep, Hawn is a well-known BDSM educator, professional domme, singer, writer and lifestyle coach with more than 13 years of experience.

She has appeared on BuzzFeed’s "The Try Guys TRY BDSM,” Playboy Radio, "The Jason Ellis Show," "Straight Talk With Ross Mathews," Cosmopolitan, Playboy, the E! special “The Real 50 Shades of Grey” and A&E’s "Storage Wars." 

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