Wobbling Willy Debuts Dildos With Personalized Heads

Wobbling Willy Debuts Dildos With Personalized Heads
Ariana Rodriguez

SWEDEN — Wobbling Willy has made its debut online with a website that allows users to upload photos of a person to be replicated as a clay-sculptured caricature head that serves as the base of a dildo.

“The binomial name Wobbling Willy was coined by a Swede in the year of 2015,” the company saID on its "about" page. “Wobbling Willy is a subspecies clone of Homo Sapiens and classified as the genus Dickus Erectus.”

Customers can upload the front, back and sides of the head they’d like attached to the dildo, which retails for $88 and is made of silicone.

“Down to the basics ... we sculpture the head out of clay to the likeness of the photo you send to us,” the company said. “A photo of a secret love. Yourself as a gift to an ex-girl/boyfriend. You're the one with the dreams and fantasies. It's then assembled with the Wobbling Willy silicone body.”

WobblingWilly.com describes the toy as “a fully functional dildo with a twist,” which can be shipped worldwide.

For more information, visit WobblingWilly.com.