Briana Banks Interviewed by

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Briana Banks was recently interviewed by

Writer Eros VR gives an overview of Banks' early career days and comeback.

The interview covers a wide range of topics including her fascination with virtual reality and the technology behind it, what it was like to film VR scenes for VRHush and BaDoinkVR, how she would like to see VR improved, what it’s like for her to watch her own VR scenes, what VR scene she’d film with an unlimited budget, what performers she’d work with if she ever did an all-girl VR scene and more.

“I’ve really enjoyed filming VR scenes for VRHush and BaDoink VR, and can’t wait to film more,” Banks said. “My interview for VR Porn was refreshing, because I never get asked about my experiences filming VR. Eros was a great interviewer — I can tell her was a true fan, and that made the interview even more fun. Definitely check it out and my two VR scenes.”

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