Creative Conceptions Releases 'Sex Marks the Spot'

Creative Conceptions Releases 'Sex Marks the Spot'

LOS ANGELES — Creative Conceptions has announced the release of Sex Marks the Spot, a game of chance where “all roads lead to romance and raunchiness.”

According to a rep, couples can indulge in their sexual fantasties and explore one another like never before.

At the start of the game, players are asked to write down a secret sexual fantasy or erotic treat that the other player will have to perform should they lose. Couples have to navigate their way around a "neonesque" pleasure grid, “symbolic of the high-voltage experience that awaits them.”

Players jump from square to square by rolling X and Y coordinates dice, picking up Xs and Os in a quest to unlock their favourite fantasy, ahead of their partner's. Each square is loaded with erotic surprises and sexy suggestions and with 180 different challenges in six different categories, the company reported.

Players get a single “Sex’cuse me” card, which allows them one chance to escape a challenge.

Creative Conceptions founder, Jane Bowles said, “Sex Marks the Spot is a game like no other and was actually the brain child of our graphic designer, which is evident in the strength of the design. It’s been widely play-tested to ensure the game ‘hits the spot!’ so we’re confident we’ve nailed it!”

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