ModelCentro: Aletta Ocean Is a 'Massive Star Going Supernova'

ModelCentro: Aletta Ocean Is a 'Massive Star Going Supernova'

NEW YORK — As ModelCentro continues to grow rapidly, its gravity is starting to attract some of the biggest stars in the universe. Aletta Ocean has excited fans for years with her unique sexual style and heavenly body.

A rare combination of natural gifts, talent and an insatiable drive to please even the most discerning fans or collectors have helped Ocean to earn a very loyal fanbase. Now her fans, old and new, are able to get even more access to her via the ModelCentro platform with the new

“When we launched ModelCentro there were some who misunderstood its potential. It’s not just training-wheels for a brand-new model … it’s also the jet fuel a famous porn star like Aletta Ocean can use to accelerate her career.” said Stan D’Aman of

“We work with brand new models who need advice on how to get started, and we also do all we can to evolve the way existing stars reach out to their audience so that their longevity, popularity and ROI all improve as well.”

“Working with ModelCentro is a dream,” Ocean said. “They think of everything. Nothing gets overlooked. So, detail-oriented. It's making things so easy for me and that allows me to focus even more on my fans and making new content.” 

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“See how ModelCentro can help you with your existing website, brand and web presence. No star is too big or too small to become even more successful,” D’Aman said.