Kick Ass Reports Rise in Fan Support Following Condomless Scenes

MESA, Ariz. — Earlier this year, and its network of websites made the decision to film without condoms in all of its current and future video updates.

According to a rep, the decision is now proving itself to be a major step forward for the company under the direction of its new owner Melissa Campos. Now, Kickass is seeking to accelerate its growth even further by making new deals with qualified affiliates capable of sending joins in significant quantities, the company reported.

“When I bought Kick Ass and started handling all aspects of day-to-day operations, I knew one of the first things we needed to change was condom usage,” Campos said. “Fans had told us for a while that they would prefer bareback videos on, and many of the other Kick Ass brands we produce.

"Aligning our productions with their goals is something we can now say was an extremely effective decision — with the kind of complete certainty that only comes from actual statistical analysis.”

A rep commented, “Since nixing those cumbersome latex sleeves and showing every cumshot in the stickiest and most potent way possible, Kick Ass sites have started to resonate with fans on a far more visceral level.”

Campos added, “Feedback from our members has been truly kickass … in fact, we may start publishing some of it with their permission because it’s hotter than most erotic stories you’ll find anywhere online."

"The level of intensity in our videos finally matches the passion our fans have for fetish content, and we are really proud of the way our sites are performing for everyone," she said. "We love what we do, and we want more kickass people to work with, as we grow together to the next level. After all, that’s what being Kick Ass is all about.”

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