Ela Darling to Deliver 'XBIZ Talk' at January Show

Ela Darling to Deliver 'XBIZ Talk' at January Show
Rhett Pardon

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Performer and entrepreneur Ela Darling, considered a leading innovator who helped introduce virtual reality to the adult cam space, will offer an “XBIZ Talk” at XBIZ 2018 in January.

Darling plans to deliver a monologue titled, “Not Being Afraid to Take Risks,” a continuation of a TEDx Talk she delivered last year in Germany. During that session, Darling spoke emphatically about taking risks and following your passion.

“I’m excited to take the theme of my TEDx talk and share it with the excellent people of my industry,” Darling told XBIZ. “I think there is a lot we can relate to together, and I plan to touch on that and also encourage people to take chances and challenge themselves.” 

Often called “the world’s first VR cam girl,” Darling has been on a personal and professional roll in recent months, captivating mainstream attention in several feature-length interviews with both Rolling Stone magazine and The New York Times.

Darling said the positive media attention to the adult VR cam sector in the articles, particularly with her alliance to CAM4VR, has meant a lot and she is thrilled about it.

"It means a lot to me that they featured my work and showcased me as a whole person rather than just as a salacious body luring the temptations of viewers,” she said.

Darling began her unlikely journey into porn after earning a master’s degree in library science and working as a reference librarian.

She took the plunge into adult after responding to an advertisement for a role in a softcore scene. The gig, Darling said, was for fully clothed, girl-next-door style inescapable bondage. She ended up loving it.

After the shoot, Darling realized what she was missing out on and expanded her repertoire to other fetish niches and art nude photoshoots.

The focus on nude bondage worked well for Darling, and she realized she could make a decent amount of money performing — but only if she moved to California.

After moving across the country from Massachusetts, Darling kicked off her hardcore career in 2009 on FuckingMachines.com for Kink.

With an interest on the immersive side of adult and capitalizing on her inner geek to build her brand, Darling co-founded VRTube.xxx. Later, Darling struck a deal with CAM4 to offer VR to the masses under the CAM4VR brand.

Darling also has another side of her life — she fights for the rights of adult stakeholders on a political level and has become a well-respected spokeswoman for the industry.

In the past several years, Darling’s taken an active role with the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, or APAC, and was an important cog in the fight against the 2016 proposal Prop 60 in California, as well as another plan to add draconian amendments to that state’s bloodborne pathogen statute for producers and performers.

“I think our industry is worth fighting for,” Darling told XBIZ earlier this year when she was named WIA Woman of the Month for March. “I’ve managed to attain some longevity in my career in adult and, understanding the privilege that allows for that, I have worked hard to listen to the voices of the community and amplify the needs of the workers I have come to represent.”

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