ModelCentro Opens Up New Revenue With Discount Options

ModelCentro Opens Up New Revenue With Discount Options

NEW YORK — announced today that it is providing more than 50,000 models and influencers with the ability to offer consumers discount prices with a few simple clicks.

“There are a lot of obvious possibilities for performers to earn more,” said Andrea of “Limited-time discounts create urgency in fans who don’t want to miss out, permanent discounts create a feeling that the client is getting more for less and often spark far greater retention, event discounts can keep a site trending with holiday seasonal promotions or personalized promotions like birthday coupons.

“This is a perfect opportunity for models to cash in on the biggest shopping days of the year with Black Friday and Cyber Monday both coming up soon.”

According to Andrea, “unlike creating discounts on an independent site and having to hire web developers to implement these kinds of features, payment processors to authorize them and designers to build a UI/UX that can be tested and tweaked, ModelCentro does all of the work for you and allows performers to use a very simple point and click backend interface to add your own discount offers in seconds.”

“Focus on creating the content you make best, and have our team take care of all the technical aspects of growing your business for you,” Andrea added. “We aren’t just here to keep your site going as it is, ModelCentro is always making improvements and adding exciting new features like this one so you can earn even more.”

ModelCentro also is hosting a Black Friday discount contest from Nov. 16-28. Participants can use the hashtag #MCHustle; contest rules are posted on to win a brand new iPhoneX grand prize and two other cash prizes.

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“It’s fast, easy and very profitable for any performer who wants to charge less and earn even more form cost-conscious consumers who value your time together,” Andrea said.