Alicia Sinclair Talks Mainstreaming of Anal Sex With Paper Magazine

Alicia Sinclair Talks Mainstreaming of Anal Sex With Paper Magazine

LOS ANGELES — b-Vibe founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair offers her take on the changing conversations surrounding anal sex in a new article featured in Paper magazine.

b-Vibe recently hosted “Anal Throughout the Ages” at the Museum of Sex in New York. The event examined key points throughout history and nature in which anal sex played significant roles in order to offer different lenses on the highly stigmatized act.

“I think the goal of this project was really to illustrate that how just like fashion can have trends, so can sexuality,” Sinclair told Paper. “And really taking the approach of having these different sections which illustrate how throughout time different cultures have had different relationships with it, as well as our legal system, and nature.”

Sinclair said that the “Anal Throughout the Ages” event also showcased how anal stimulation works in the body and how it’s “a level playing field” and something that everybody can experience pleasure from. 

According to Paper, TV shows like “Girls” and even publications like Teen Vogue are normalizing anal play and breaking down taboos.

“It could just be a cultural shift toward our generation being more accepting of pleasure in general, and also it becoming more mainstream to talk about sex toys and to talk about sex as part of an overall healthy lifestyle and it being recognized as an important part of your relationship dynamic, especially for your long-term relationships,” Sinclair said.

The key to mainstreaming anal play is education, Sinclair said.

“A lot of the dynamics of what I've heard people express is not really understanding the experience before they get into it, and not knowing that there's some really simple things that can make it a positive experience (like lubrication, being relaxed, and not using something that numbs your body).”

b-Vibe offers expert advice on its website with the intention of alleviating the stigma and taboo. Sinclair, a certified sex expert and 15-year vet of the pleasure products industry, is currently in the running for the 2018 XBIZ Exec Awards' Progressive Leadership Award.

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