pjur Group USA Hits the Road for Trainings, Promos

pjur Group USA Hits the Road for Trainings, Promos
Ariana Rodriguez

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — pjur is spreading brand intelligence through retail store trainings and promotions.

In the past 60 days, pjur Group USA has traveled from coast to coast, promoting its brand. Pjur participated in September’s Sex Expo in Brooklyn, N.Y., where the company handed out thousands of samples and let consumers “feel the difference.” 

From ladies night to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Gala to large group and single store trainings, pjur is taking a hands-on approach. 

“The internet is easy compared to brick-and-mortar stores, they are heavy lifting,” said Richie Harris, CEO of pjur Group USA. “We are a ‘stores first’ company and fight for their success. We do all we can to make them competitive and maybe even a little more.”

pjur has maintained its luxury brand status for nearly two decades.