Monthly Fetish Rolls Out Latex Issue for November

TAMPA, Fla. — November’s Monthly Fetish issue covers the “latex fetish.”

In the issue, performer RubberDoll is profiled, and she talks about what she loves about latex, favorite latex companies, stage shows and events and more.

The issue also contains articles on places to buy latex, designer Nange Magro, latex clothing as wearable art, the history of latex clothing, a guide to caring for and wearing latex and more.

“If you’re a latex lover or have always wanted to delve into the fashion and/or the fetish, this issue is for you,” said Jen, Monthly Fetish's editor. “We were honored to be able to interview RubberDoll who’s not only a legend in the latex world, but also an amazing woman who has built an incredible career doing what she loves.

"If you enjoy this issue, please comment on the articles. Also, if there is a fetish you’d like us to cover or know more about, let us know.”

To check out the issue, click here. To listen to an audio version of featured fetishes, click here or check out the official YouTube channel