'The Hand Pilot' Male-Centric Subscription Box Launches

'The Hand Pilot' Male-Centric Subscription Box Launches
Melissa Santana

MOORESTOWN, N.J. — Dee Bertino, owner of Fantasy Gifts, has announced the launch of “The Hand Pilot,” a monthly subscription box built for men to improve their solo sexual experience.

Bertino launched The Hand Pilot in response to the statistics that show millennial men are dating less and spending more time at home, along with increasing sales of men’s masturbators.

“Quite simply, there is no direct competition,” Bertino said. “We are the first subscription box service dedicated to male masturbation. Our mission is to offer men the industry's best products so they can achieve the highest level of pleasure. 

“Our biggest hurdle is building a brand on a desire that is completely normal but rarely discussed,” she continued. “While it’s commonly accepted that men masturbate, there’s also a stigma associated with it. Conversely, it is a misnomer that women rarely masturbate, but when they do it’s often regarded as socially acceptable and even considered sexy, therefore, more products and marketing is geared towards women. It’s time for men to take matters into their own hands. We want to acknowledge men’s needs and offer products that will deliver a more powerful and gratifying experience.”

According to a rep, The Hand Pilot website’s design is built on the fun and cheeky theme of being your own pilot and choosing the flight plan you desire while never leaving the comfort of your home. Dee also recognized the need for couples play too, which is why she has included an option to send products to you and your co-pilot (partner).

Dee and her husband Bob Bertino hold a combined 45 years in the adult retail toy industry and operate two stores in New Jersey.

For more information, visit TheHandPilot.com.