CCBill Adds New Tools for Live Cams

CCBill Adds New Tools for Live Cams

TEMPE, Ariz. — CCBill announced today the release of added features that enable expanded control for purchase volume for live cam sites.

The global payment services platform also said it introduced enhanced automation for accelerated throughput, while minimizing the potential fraud that can accompany higher purchases.

“As the fanatical and financial affinity towards live cams continues to grow, merchants operating live entertainment websites are privy to the increasing revenue from this segment, but they are also very much aware of the balance of converting and retaining their loyal customers, while coping with the hassle of manual fraud and chargeback management,” the company said.

“In the world of live cams, access is key, with consumers typically wanting quick and repeated access during a single visit.” 

With the addition of CCBill’s new Velocity Controls for Billing System APIs, including one-click upgrades, and the cross-sale network Merchant Connect, Live Cam merchants can now simultaneously set limits to manage their transaction volume for all payment types. 

They can control velocity on several levels, including transaction amount, and numbers of transactions — and use variations based on the amount of time or by unique customer, CCBill said. 

CCBill Velocity Controls effectively offer these merchants the ability to proactively control or "throttle" their transactions by user. This new functionality should help reduce fraudulent activity on access-based sites, while allowing the cam site’s loyal customers to make expanded limit purchases, CCBill said. 

To help address the business needs of each CCBill account, Velocity Controls may be applied in a global fashion — across all accounts, by single account, or even down to the sub-account level.

Complementing the new Velocity Controls functionality, CCBill Live Cam merchants can now also track payment events in real-time, with several new additions to the new CCBill Webhooks. 

A menu of new payment type variables, such as card type, expiration date, last four digits and BIN (bank identification number) details, can be pushed back to merchants utilizing CCBill Webhooks, and used in their efforts to reduce carding fraud, while enhancing retention on recurring token packages with improved retries and deliverability. 

"The power of CCBill is recognized with our large platform of valuable tools and software resources, which continue to help online business achieve their changing goals,” said Gary Jackson, CCBill’s vice president of sales and marketing. “As a progressive provider for Live Cam businesses in most every segment, these latest options help support the buyer, while automating the fight against the downside of online entertainment — fraud and abuse — which is a top component in the foundation of CCBill’s vision of the future.”

CCBill said that live cam merchants currently using CCBill billing APIs, or those interested in learning more about CCBill Velocity Controls and Webhooks, are encouraged to contact CCBill for more details. 

CCBill said its fraud and account management specialists have the expertise to discuss specific business needs and help address proper configuration of these systems for live entertainment websites.

Visit the CCBill Knowledge Base for more information about CCBill Velocity Controls and Webhooks functionality.