VRPorn.com Featured in Huffington Post Article

VENICE, Calif. — VRPorn.com was featured in an article on HuffingtonPost.com titled, “Porn Drives Technological Innovation (again); This Time in VR.”

“With every new advancement in technology, the seldom-spoken truth has been that whatever the platform, the adult-entertainment industry is one of the first to adopt it and eventually drive its growth,” Huffington Post’s Jarone Ashkenazi wrote. “The industry which makes a majority of its profits from online content, is littered with adult-entertainment companies and as such, must stay on the cutting edge of technology to survive.”

According to a rep, Ashkenazi also commented on VRPorn.com surpassing Oculus.com as most visited VR site. To read the entire article, click here. For more information, visit VRPorn.com