Jimmyjane Helps Promote Josh Sabarra's New Novel

Jimmyjane Helps Promote Josh Sabarra's New Novel

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Adult sex toy manufacturer Jimmyjane will join author and Hollywood personality Josh Sabarra to celebrate the launch of his new book, “Enemies Closer,” which features the company’s Form 6 vibrator. 

Prior to the launch of the novel, slated for Thursday from 7-9 p.m., Jimmyjane will provide Form 6 rechargeable vibrators as social media giveaways. The event will be held at Tesoro/Fred Segal on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

According to a company rep, Sabarra’s new novel, “Enemies Closer,” is a humorous tale of one women’s experience navigating the glamour and grit that define Hollywood. In the story, Sabrarra’s heroine fantasizes about a Hollywood hot body and, later, a Jimmyjane Form 6 pops into the mix.

For more information on the Form 6, visit Jimmyjane.com.